Art Portfolio

Jenny T-Shirt Design

Dino and Bella Sticker Set 1 Designs

TellyWeb Cartoons Christmas 2019

Jenny in a Bottle character redesigns (2019)

Dino Halloween 2019

Jenny the Dancer

Jenny the Mermaid

Poster design for "A Dinosaur Adventure", at the time it was called "Project: Bella". The poster was used as part of the end of year showcase at University

Colonel Butter, a product mascot parody concept

Clive and José

Dino 2017 redesign

Bella 2017 redesign v1

Bella 2017 redesign v2

Snaggletooth T-Shirt gag concept

Dino and Bella Postcard design

"Need a Hand?"

Making a Wish




Mr Stuffins: A concept idea for a Villain.

Unnamed Villain Concept



2016 card 5

Summer Crossover

Captain Space-Space from Space

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Colonel Butter, a product mascot parody concept